Construction Diaries #3

Construction Diaries #3

The ceiling has been finished getting installed and painted! That took a little longer than we were expecting but it looks perfect! We’ve gotten started painting the other ceilings and interior walls. We’ve put a special sealant on the bricks. Leah worked for two hours with a wire brush on the old painted sign to get off the old plaster. Now it has many more years left in it!

We took down the awning and uncovered a whole strip where there originally were windows. We aren’t ones to shy away from every possible ounce of sunlight so we’ve opened it back up and are getting custom windows built by Glass Depot.

We’re not able to reuse the aluminum awning but it’s still in great condition. The previous owners had this 22′ 5″ x 5′ x 5′ green awning on the front. The aluminum structure is in great condition. The cover is in good condition too but has previous company branding so you may want to paint over it or replace the it. We’re asking $225 or best offer — call or email us if you’re interested.

October is our birthday month AND it’s our final month in our current space! Our open date in the new space is October 30 so mark it on your calendar!

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  • by Dennis Posted October 1, 2017 11:18 pm

    The space is going to be so nice! Lots of natural light, too! Can’t wait!

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