Construction Diaries #2

Construction Diaries #2

It has been only a few weeks since our last construction update and we already have so much more progress! Time is flying by but we’re on schedule and going full speed ahead.

We passed our electric inspection! So that meant we could get started on drywall and within days we had walls up. We repeat: we have walls, people! After working so hard to redo all the stuff that’s hidden (electric, plumbing, septic, etc.), it’s fun to start on the work that is very visible.

After the drywall on the walls, came the ceiling (which also got done within days). After the drywall on the ceiling, we’re putting planks up. We removed these planks from the ceiling during demo, so we cleaned them, are putting them back up and will be putting a fresh coat of paint.

You can start to see the layout of the space now. The wall on the right that comes out is where we’ll have our espresso machine and that hallway will lead into our public restroom. You’ll also be able to spot a sneak peek at some of our lighting in the pictures. (Eek!)

We also have replaced the four front top windows (for the apartment). We removed the awning and are preparing for new front store windows. We should be getting some of the flooring soon. HVAC. Paint. Lighting. And. And. And … an endless to do list. Typical construction project!

Take a look through the pictures and get caught up on all the fun! Click the magnifying glass icon to make a picture bigger then use the arrows to click through.


  • by Austin Posted September 18, 2017 3:06 pm

    Awesome! We live in joplin but will definitely have to come visit the new shop when it’s done!

  • by Mary Posted September 20, 2017 10:41 pm

    Incredible how much you have gotten done already! It’s going to be great. And love being able to watch it as it’s happening !

  • by Rebecca Posted September 23, 2017 8:23 am

    Looking wonderful! Thank you for posting about the process! Puts all that hard work out there!

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