• Now Serving Espresso

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    We pride ourselves in making everything we can ourselves. Our mocha powder mixture, caramel and whipping cream is all fresh and homemade — and you can really taste the difference.


    Because there is only two of us running the store, we can’t serve espresso every day. (Otherwise there would be no time for roasting!)

    Espresso Bar Menu

    Espresso shot     $1.50
    Extra shot     $.50

    Latte or Cappuccino     $3.10 (12 oz)     $3.60 (20 oz)

    Caramel Mocha or Chai     $4.00 (12 oz)     $5.50 (20 oz)
    homemade caramel sauce and whipping cream

    Frappe     $3.75 (12 oz)     $4.25 (20 oz)
    caramel, mocha, white chocolate

    Added flavoring     $.50

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